About me

So this is where you can find out about me…  I enjoy sports and keeping fit.  I spend quite a lot of time on this and keeping my nutrition in check.  I am also a member of my local gymnastics club.

J.J., can you provide any Entrepreneurial Advice?

10 Steps to Succeed

  1. Try!
  2. Try Again!
  3. Try Once More!
  4. Try it a little differently!
  5. Try it again Tomorrow!
  6. Try and ask for help!
  7. Try to find someone who has done it!
  8. Try to determine what is not working!
  9. Try to determine what is working!
  10. Just keep trying!


J.J.’s words of advice:


  • Positive
  • Assertive
  • Confident
  • Knowledgeable

Stay Focused
Work Hard
Don’t let the naysayers discourage you
Believe in your goals

Celebrate your triumphs and do not be devastated by the doubters or setbacks!
Keep a positive attitude, especially during the building process.
Be honest!

I believe that the measure of success is not necessarily how much money you make. I believe that if you have a product that the public is willing to spend their hard earned money on then the monetary success will eventually surface!

Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up”… Winston Churchill